This Free Solitare Game Is Saving Koala Bears

In 2020 saw sever fires from deforestation in first Brazil & Australia. Millions of acres burning and poor animals burning alive.

But what can we do about it? I gave some money, which I could afford anyway. I recycled and conserve and certainly do not start any forest fires. I would love to help out more but I feel so stretched to my limit.

That’s why I was so excited to find about this new free solitaire game from 8 Billion Trees. They have made it so free & easy for someone like me to help save trees and animals.

All I have to do is install the free Android game Solitare For Trees and play whenever I want. The app has a few ads in it and the money is going to 8 Billion Trees to help save trees and animals like the Koala Bear.

I already play mobile games all the time so nothing changes for me, I’m just now saving Koala Bears!

On average every player helps fund the planting of 1 tree per month with just a game or two per day. If you play more you will fund way more!

Play with me and help plant trees! (click the Google play button below to install the game)