OCG – Cleaning the Ocean 1 Search at A Time

It’s no secret that our rivers and oceans are filling up with more and more garbage every day.  It’s predicted soon enough plastic will outweigh all fish if the trend is not reversed.

But what can you or I do about it? We aren’t throwing in the trash.  I do my best to recycled and reuse when I can.

That is where Ocean Cleanup Group (OCG for short) comes in.  They give everyone a free and effortless way to help clean trash out of the ocean.

See each time you or I do a search online we are shown a few ads.  These ads are what makes Google one of the largest companies in the world.

But we don’t have to just use Google and make them richer.

OCG is a 100% free and amazing search engine, powered by Bing, where you can search the internet just the same.

There is one BIG difference though. Instead of making Google investor rich, the money is helping clean the ocean.

Paying local fishermen, put out of work by large corporations, to go out and clean up plastic and trash every day.

You can watch daily on social media as OCG teams head out and clean up trash.  Each search you make can make a real difference.

Ocean trash and plastic are destroying fragile ecosystems that will take thousands of years to heal.  We must do something now to help protect our oceans.

I’m proud to say I’m a user of OCG and have the Chrome Extension on my desktop as well as the Android Browser on my phone.  Now every search I do helps clean the ocean.

So far, my searches have helped clean up over 200 plastic bags in just 2 months!

It’s also fun to share OCG with others.  Everyone I know has been excited when I show them how they can easily start help to clean the ocean.

Check out OCG by going to https://ocg.org/Click Here