Best Services for Carbon Credits of 2019: Erase Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon credits can reduce your footprint on the Earth completely, erasing your negative and unavoidable impact on the environment.

Below we review the best carbon credit services of 2019 based on many different factors to give you the best and most efficient options for erasing your carbon footprint.

#1 (Top Choice) – 8 Billion Trees

  • Most efficient carbon credits for the price (cheapest way to erase your carbon footprint)
  • Best option for families looking to reduce their carbon impact completely
  • Utilizes trees, scientifically shown to be the fastest and longest-lasting way of removing your carbon
  • Best for people living in a western country (EU and America)
  • Quickest option to get carbon credits–same day credits
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free cancellations and refunds with no questions asked
  • Backed by 9 non-profits and NGOs

#2 – Cool Effect

  • Simple app
  • Instructional videos about carbon
  • Discounts for large corporations
  • Free cancellations but no refunds
  • Able to buy unlimited amount of credits

#3 – Consensus

  • Different projects to choose from
  • Reporting on different carbon credits
  • Database to search and learn about forms of carbon
  • Map showing where carbon footprint is making the biggest impact
  • Tablet App

#4 – Terrapass

  • Focuses on climate change
  • Ability to use renewable energy credits
  • “Event” option to offset carbon for businesses
  • Android App
  • Adds your carbon to large database for tracking
  • Option to use trees for credits, but only in some cases

#5 – Carbonfund

  • Buy multiple carbon credits at a time
  • Best option for people living in South America or Australia
  • Pulls in data from your social media
  • Customer support 3 days per week
  • No cancellations or refunds allowed
  • Android Tablet App

#6 – Carbonfootprint

  • Calculator to find your biggest negative carbon impact
  • Don’t offer carbon credits but teach you about climate change

Purchasing Carbon Credits

Many people are aware that they are having a negative impact on the environment, but don’t know what to do about it. Buying carbon credits allows you to offset your negative environmental impact to erase the effect you’re having on the environment.

While living a “green” lifestyle can help reduce your impact, having a negative carbon impact on the environment is unavoidable. Using carbon credits allows you to turn around your negative impact on the climate to become a positive force for the planet instead.

What to Look for in a Carbon Credits Service?

There are many different factors to look for in a carbon credits service, but a handful are the most important.

First, you should make sure that the carbon credits are based around trees. This is because planting and conserving trees are scientifically shown to be the best way to pull carbon from the atmosphere while also providing new habitats to endangered species as an added benefit. In the list above, only 2 met this criteria–8 Billion Trees and Terrapass.

Secondly, the carbon credits need to be available in an efficient form. While some services can allow you to remove your carbon footprint, they are expensive and not long-lasting. This is one of the big reasons using a carbon service that focuses on trees is important.

Third, the carbon credits service should be one that you feel comfortable with. While this differs for everyone, we based the “comfort factor” of our review on the companies that replied to us immediately over email and the phone and allowed us to refund or cancel for any reasons.

While there are many options to purchase carbon credits, this list should provide a good starting point and help turn your negative impact into a positive one!