Worldwide News Confirms Planet on the Brink of Destruction

Everywhere you look, there’s news about the deforestation pushing our planet to a point of no return as animals continue to die at alarming rates…

  • The Guardian just reported that Amazon deforestation is “accelerating towards an unrecoverable tipping point
  • New York Times confirms the world’s forests continue to “slash and fall
  • BBC News published just 3 months ago that tree losses are at their “highest levels” on record
  • CNN confirms the destruction of trees has accelerated over 60% just last month
  • Reuters published scary research data from 2019 showing the destruction is out of control

And what’s even more scary is that in just the past 6 months, things have gotten so much worse. The situation is now in critical condition.

But one company is fighting to do something about it, and they are doing something that has never been done before.

8 Billion Trees is their name, and they are using an incredible model of tree planting that is actually working to plant trees and save existing ones.

They do this by focusing on the biggest issues of deforestation in the Amazon which is palm oil destruction and agriculture for animals and food, and fixing it directly by doing something no one has thought of before: working with local and state governments that have full control of the land.

And they have an incredible story to tell. What they are doing for animals and trees has already saved the lives of countless animals around the world. They are doing work that no one else in the world has ever tried to do before, and they are succeeding.

And now they are calling for help from anyone who will listen and respond to the destruction.

With every new member that signs up, they will be able to plant 10 new trees and conserve 100 trees every single month. They are using this to save animal lives and stop the deforestation that experts anticipate will turn our planet into a desert within the next 50 years.

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