The Terrible Story of Molly the Sloth and What We Can Do to Stop It

A sloth found alone after her home was destroyed in front of her.

We just got word of a horrible story about a sloth named Molly that was living happily with her family in the Amazon. She was living peacefully with her family in the Amazon when they came to destroy her home.

She was found wounded and alone in the chaos. Luckily, she was able to be rescued and now lives in an animal sanctuary. But sadly, her life will never be the same.

This story shows how truly bad things have gotten for our planet and for animals that live and depend on trees for their habitat. Each minute, another forest the size of a football field is destroyed. That means every minute hundreds of animals are losing their homes.

When 8 Billion Trees heard of this they immediately stepped in to start helping these animals in their wildlife restoration center. But they even started planting trees and conserving existing trees in the rainforest to make sure other animals never have to go through what Molly went through.

They did this by forming agreements with government officials to gain permission to come in and start planting trees and saving animals.

Here are some comments I found about 8 Billion Trees:

8 Billion Trees is a membership club that costs only $20/month to join. With that they are able to plant 10 new trees and save 100 existing trees in the rainforest each and every month! There are other small befits but in our opinion this is easily the most important.

They have just stated their goal to completely reverse the destruction and death in the rainforest. Lots of people have started to sign up to make this goal become a reality but they need as much support as they can get.

If you care about trees or the environment please consider signing up to give 8 Billion Trees your support. They do all of the hard work of planting and saving trees and animals for all of their members who sign up to contribute.

Molly’s story is so sad but we can turn it into a positive by using her story as a way to spread the word and start taking action with amazing organizations like 8 Billion Trees and others fighting to stop this!

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