Celebs Going Carbon Neutral After Heartbreaking Story Goes Viral

Celebs including Melissa Joan Hart, Lance Bass from NSYNC, and Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith from The Price Is Right are now speaking out after they learned of a heartbreaking story about one man who lost everything and then devoted his life to save the planet and animals.

I saw the celebrity videos spreading like wildfire online and decided to look into what it was all about. I did my research and what I found was shocking even for all of us at Save the Earth. And now it makes so much sense why these celebrities are speaking out and trying to get everyone they can to listen and read this man’s story.

His name? Jon Chambers. I won’t waste your time with the full story (you can learn about it here) but when his family died unexpectedly he traveled deep into the Amazon Jungle to expose the deforestation crisis.

Jon Chambers traveled deep into the Amazon Jungle to expose the truth.

And when he got there, he quickly found out things we’re much worse than anything anyone has reported on.

In our lifetime and very likely just a few decades, forests all over the world–forests bigger than all of Europe–will be destroyed.

John Vidal of The Guardian

News organizations have only published on a small fraction of the destruction. So Jon launched a network of non-profits and charities to try and get the word out.

Jon continues to work hard at raising awareness for tree planting while making a powerful impact around the world.

Eden Reforestation Non-Profit

But he realized that wasn’t enough. What he was witnessing was the complete destruction of entire ecosystems. So he formed a team of bold tree planters and environmental scientists to begin fighting back by planting and protecting trees as well as saving wildlife.

Jon (left) and his team (center, right) discussing the best options for saving a critically destroyed area they found near the Xingu River that leads into the Amazon Rainforest.

They call themselves 8 Billion Trees. I reached out to Jon to ask why they decided to use that name.

The name 8 Billion Trees is a simple way of explaining our plan. Research tells us that if we plant and protect 8 Billion Trees we have a chance to reverse the destruction and actually have a chance to save our planet before it’s too late.

Jon Chambers, Founder of 8 Billion Trees
Jon helping an injured turtle eat some fresh fruit after receiving veterinary care. When the animals are healthy and strong again they return them to protected wildlife areas.

When I asked Jon what his plans were for 8 Billion Trees moving forward, he said he wanted to do something that has never before been possible and give people an easy and cost-effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.

As you know Emma, we all have a carbon footprint. Especially people who live in the United States. Did you know on average, each person produces 2 tons of carbon every single month?

It is making the climate crisis much worse. So 8 Billion Trees just made a way for people to do their part by offering something never done before.

Jon Chambers

As a special way to spread awareness, 8 Billion Trees is now allowing anyone who joins there special earth-saving membership club to erase 2 tons of their carbon footprint for free.

It sounds like a bold promise so I asked Jon how it works.

Right now when anyone joins to help do their part, our rapid-planting team will get right to work planting the trees immediately. We are able to do this because of an amazing donor who is helping us to match all contributions.

Jon Chambers
Jon working to restore a deforested area with his team.

I think what Jon is trying to do shows that we can all turn something negative into a positive way to give back and help the planet.

Click here to learn more about joining 8 Billion Trees to offset your carbon footprint and help do your part or visit their website at 8billiontrees.com.

Reported by Emma Padley, Save the Earth Reporter & Journalist.